Integration Services

Transformative Experiences Facilitating Positive Change.

Psychedelic Integration is designed to assist those seeking support in connection with psychedelic experiences.

There has been a resurgence of interest in the potential healing powers of psychedelic experiences facilitated through the use of hallucinogenic, empathogenic, dissociative or similar substances. There are many research trials underway worldwide showing promising results for the use of psychedelics to help with conditions such as depression, PTSD, substance abuse and end of life anxiety.

In light of the above, many people are seeking psychedelic experiences to foster personal growth and healing, but it is difficult for them to do so safely and effectively. When psychedelics are used with adequate preparation, research shows that results can catalyze new and healthier ways of living. However, when used in uncontrolled or unsafe settings, the experiences can be scary, disorienting, or even harmful. People may not be fully informed about the risks associated with use or they may not know how to make use of insights made during the experience to create lasting change.

Psychedelic integration consists of a combination of the best available research and clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture, and preferences.
This integration is to support you in your process whether you have already had a psychedelic experience or are considering it. I take a harm reduction approach whereby I empower you to make informed choices and encourage you to educate yourself about risks and benefits of various ways you might engage with psychedelics. We would identify your intention behind engaging in a psychedelic experience and explore alternative means of accomplishing these goals.

The profound, rapid changes many people report after a psychedelic experience may require careful reflection and integration and I take an open and nonjudgmental approach to help you make sense of your experience as well as implement any desired life changes. I also provide support in understanding and coping with challenging psychedelic experiences.

Please note: I do not advocate or endorse the illicit use of substances. I do however have an interest and responsibility to reduce harmful outcomes associated with use of substances. My approach is to act within legal and ethical bounds by providing access to information and psychotherapy in order to promote mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. Within the scope of my practice I will help you prepare for and consider the rationale for future psychedelic experiences, be it through enrollment in research studies or otherwise, and help you to integrate past psychedelic experiences so that you may incorporate them constructively into your daily life.